Witness Interview Questions

  1. What according to you are the essential ingredients to test the character and integrity of a witness?
  2. Share with us your experience as a witness?
  3. In how many cases did you appear as a witness?
  4. As a witness you must have found a case very disturbing. Can you tell us more about it?
  5. Witnesses turn hostile many a times. What are possible reasons for such a situation?
  6. A witness not need necessarily always speak the truth. What is your take on this?
  7. A typical witness is known to be guided by certain needs. Tell us what those needs are.
  8. Share with us an instance where you had a tough time facing mammoth questions before the jury?
  9. Aren’t you scared as a witness when you are face to face with a dreaded criminal in the court proceeding.
  10. Would you like to suggest some Dos and Don’ts for a would-be witness?

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