Written Interview Questions

Written interview questions are designed to test your written skills, grammatical accuracy, sentence formation, clarity of thought and expression among other things.  Many interviews use written tests as a first step in the interview process.

While preparing for written interview questions, it is best to practice by writing answers to typical or sample interview question.  Writing gives you the ability to gather your thoughts and put them forth in an articulate and structured manner.

While composting answers remember not to use slang or colloquial terms.  The written language is always much more formal than the spoken one.   It is also best to refrain from using flowery language and abbreviations.  Use simple language and short sentences, as they make for better reading.

Give structured responses, where each paragraph may elaborate on one particular facet.  It is good to have an introduction, body and conclusion while attempting the written question answers.

Clarity of thought and expression are very important, so make sure to re-read your answers once you have written them.  It is also advisable to proof-read your answers, as many a time, one overlooks grammatical and spelling mistakes.  Looking into these specific details can be the clincher, when all else is equal.

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