XML Certification Interview Questions

XML Certification Interview Questions are those questions which are specifically asked from those people who have just given their XML Certification exams and are sitting for an interview to obtain the certification. Such interviews are the final steps in courses like these. The questions asked in a XML Certification interview must be aimed at testing the candidate’s knowledge and must be directly related to XML. An XML certified expert is a person who has specialised himself in XML studies.

Sample XML Certification Interview Questions:

  • Give us a brief introduction about yourself.
  • Please run us through your course work briefly.
  • It seems like you have been working for the past one year as a call centre employee. Do you think you will be able to merge yourself in the job of an XML expert?
  • Give us a brief project report of the project work you completed during your coursework.
  • What counts more according to you: experience or knowledge?
  • Where and on what position do you see yourself, say 3 years down the line?
  • What are the difficulties faced in applying XML where bandwidth is limited?
  • How does one use XML for document storage?
  • Give a brief description of a Universal character set.
  • What kind of a job are you exactly looking for?
  • Do you think you are qualified and good enough for such a job?
  • What makes you a better XML certified expert than you batchmates.
  • Is there anything that you learnt from this course that you would like to share?

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