Youth Hostel Manager Interview Questions

Youth hostel manager interview questions are outlined by the experts to interview the eligible candidates, who are willing to acquire the designation of a youth hostel manager. A selection committee can easily hire the deserving candidate by measuring his professional abilities, education skills and knowledge of conducting various hostel operations.

Sample Youth Hostel Manager Interview Questions:

  • Walk us through your candidature. How do you see the weaknesses of your resume?
  • Discuss the major job functions and operations of a youth hostel manager.
  • What technique do you follow for stock clearance and cost control? How do these factors play an essential role in the budget of a hostel?
  • How would you arrange the educational hostel seminars and programs?
  • How do you oversee the hostel booking operations and reception facilities in case the advance arrival of the new students?
  • What communication approach do you follow to communicate with the hostel high authority in case of any serious issue?
  • Discuss you role in recruiting, training and supervising the hostel staff.
  • How do you purchase the required goods and supplies? Can you handle the minor hostel repairing works too?
  • Tell us a time when faced many issues regarding hostel facilities with the management. How did you justify yourself at that point of time?
  • How do you manage the laundry services, sanitation standards and room- in supplies?
  • Discuss the format of reports you prepare for attending the monthly meetings.
  • If selected how soon you can join us?

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