The position of a business manager is an important position in every company and industry. To be selected at this position in a company, one has to go through a tough screening process which consists of a job interview as well. A business manager interview consists of some challenging interview questions which must be answered in the best possible way.

These questions are framed and asked in such a way that they can truly help the employer judge whether or not the candidate is suitable for the given job position. A few of such job interview questions are given below for your reference.

Sample Business Manager Interview Questions:

  • Please tell us about your career goals and objectives.
  • How do you think can this company and this position help you achieve these goals?
  • What according to you are the most important skills and attributes needed by a person who is a business manager?
  • Do you think that a person with average communications become a good business manager? If yes, then how?
  • If your business was in crisis, then how would you mold your role as a business manager to suit the situation?
  • Explain to us what all you have done to improve your business knowledge and managerial skills?
  • Explain how you have designated responsibilities and managed tasks during your previous work experiences?
  • Would you be okay if you were offered another managerial position in a business?
  • What is more important to you: a good job position or a good company?
  • What steps do you take to develop relations with your clients, colleagues, juniors and other colleagues?
  • How do you persuade those people who are difficult to motivate otherwise?
  • Tell us about the most difficult job decision that you have had to face in your career? How did you handle it?