Common Interview Questions

Whatever be the kind of interview you attend, some questions can be termed as common interview questions.  Most types of interviews include atleast some of these questions.  Before setting off... Read More

Common Medical School Interview Questions

You must have set certain parameters before opting for this medical school. What were those parameters? You have done your bachelor’s degree from one of the prestigious medical schools of... Read More

Common Residency Interview Questions

What do you know about the rigors of this residency? You must have heard and learnt about many other residency programs. Where do you think we stand in a rank... Read More

Common Interview Questions for Internships

This internship duration will require a whole lot of discipline and dedication in your efforts. How do you plan to achieve it? Can you tell briefly which of the activities... Read More

Common Interview Questions for Managers

Please define what according to you fits the definition of a manager. Which are the areas which a manager is primarily needed to deal with in an establishment? What has... Read More

Common Interview Questions for Management Positions

Tell us briefly about your experience in various capacities in management positions. Among these which profile you found to be the best suited for you and why? Enumerate the intricacies... Read More

Common Questions Asked During an Interview

What salary will fulfill your salary expectations from this job? We have taken interviews of a couple of other candidates. Why do you think we should select you? Tell us... Read More

Common Sales Interview Questions

Please tell us something about your resume Do you have experience in a monthly sales target oriented job? Have you worked before in a team? How was the experience? According... Read More

Common Teaching Interview Questions

Was it the virtues of a teacher which drew you towards a career in teaching or was it something else? It is believed a teaching job doesn’t fetch much of... Read More

Common Nursing Interview Questions

Why didn’t you complete your Master’s Degree in Nursing? From your resume we can make out there is a time lag between the completion of your final master degree examination... Read More

Common Telephone Interview Questions

According to you, how is a telephone interview different from that of an in-person interview? Without naming you current employer please tell us something about your job profile. What are... Read More

Common Behavioral Interview Questions

What experience do you have in a job involving the behavioral patterns of people? What are the first few traits of something abnormal in the behavior of a person? Tell... Read More

Common Teacher Interview Questions

Tells us briefly highlighting the reasons why you selected this profession of teaching? Tell us something about your first job as a teacher? Do you regret any particular incident during... Read More