Education Interview Questions

Education interview questions can cover a wide range of topics including questions about teaching and organizational skills, about discipline issues, lesson plans, teaching experiences etc.  They are designed to assess... Read More

Primary Education Interview Questions

Why did you opt to work as a primary teacher? What makes you think you will be in a position to successfully deal the numerous challenges that a primary teacher... Read More

Physical education interview questions

Can you please introduce yourself and run us briefly through your resume? What are your hobbies and interests? What was your previous job like and why did you leave it?... Read More

Director of Special Education Interview Questions

What qualifications and experience have you earned over the years to be able to apply for this post? How do you think your education has helped you to be in... Read More

Common education interview questions

Please give a brief introduction about yourself providing specifics around your background Who is your favourite author and which book of his do you like the most and why? What... Read More

Health Education Interview Questions

Give us a brief introduction about yourself and your interests in health education? How important do you think health education is and why should someone practice it? How do you... Read More

Sample Special Education Interview Questions

What is the total teaching experience you bear and why have you applied for our school? What kind of expertise do you have in teaching children with special needs? How... Read More

Music Education Interview Questions

What has been your involvement in the field of music? How important do you think music is and why should someone learn it? What are the various genres of music... Read More

Higher Education Interview Questions

Why would you like to apply for this job posting and what makes you believe you can do this? What are the special skills and talent that you can influence... Read More

Early Childhood Interview Questions

What inspires you to apply for this job? What are the various phases of early childhood development and which ones are the crucial ones? Which are the most influential individuals... Read More

Elementary Education Interview Questions

Can you please run us through your resume and talk about your past experiences and educational qualifications? Give us a few examples of the issues you have come across while... Read More

Special Education Interview Questions

Please give us a brief introduction about yourself and your past experience. Why do you want to be involved in educating children with special needs? Can you give us some... Read More

Graduate job interview questions

Why would you like to join our organization? What has motivated you to apply for this vacancy? Can you give an example of a scenario where you had to deal... Read More