Group discussions

Group discussion is a mechanism used by an organization to assess the candidate’s character and check if the person’s skills meet their requirement which normally cannot be evaluated in an... Read More

What Are the Benefits of Group Discussion

The term group discussion means a discussion among a set or group of individuals. The members who participate in the group discussion are provided with a topic. They express their... Read More

Marketing Group Discussions

Marketing group discussion usually takes place within the marketing team members while designing and formulating the strategy about product launch or to discuss any issues related to the product in... Read More

Good Group Interview Questions

Group interviews are meant to assess the candidate about his abilities to work and perform in a team. These interviews basically analyze the communication skills, and persuasiveness of the applicant.... Read More

Peer Group Interview Questions

Peer interview is the process of the interview of the applicant by his peer or other employees in the organization. This technique is getting very popular these days due to... Read More

Common Group Interview Questions

Common group interview questions can be used to assess the ability of individuals to work together as a team. This includes being able to plan a common target or a... Read More

Typical Group Interview Questions

Group Interviews are conducted to judge the ability of the candidate to work in a team. It also assesses the confidence, public speaking, team spirit and problem-solving and planning skills. The... Read More