Interview Tips

An interview must be looked at, as an opportunity for you to showcase your talent.  Interviews are designed to check your suitability for a job.  To make any job interview... Read More

Tips of Group Discussion in Interview

A group discussion is done among a group of the people. It is very different from that of debate. This method is mainly used in judging the leadership qualities, team... Read More

What Are Good Customer Service Interview Questions

The jobs in customer service include the employees working and speaking directly with the customers. Duties may include handling the complaints of the customers, selling the products, solving the problems... Read More

What Are the Common Behavioral Interview Questions

Behavioral job interviews depend upon how the candidate acted in certain situations related to the employment. To get through this interview the candidates should know what are the common behavioral... Read More

How to Answer Interview Questions about Computer Skills

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Tips for Bank Teller Interview Questions

A bank teller is an essential professional of customer service to a financial organization. A bank teller is responsible for managing thousands of deposits of dollars, transfers and drafts, and... Read More

What Are the Top 10 Job Interview Questions

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Tips for Writing Good Interview Questions

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What Are the Questions Asked in the Call Center Interview

The call center is an office used for transmitting or receiving requests through the phone. Call centers consist of both the inbound and outbound positions. For attending the interview an... Read More

Best Tips for Job Interview Questions

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What Type of Questions Are Asked in an Accounting Interview

The accounting section is responsible for accounts payable, payroll, accounts of customer credit, and accounts receivable. At the time of interview an individual should know what type of questions are... Read More

How to Answer Sales Interview Questions

In every industry there are sales jobs. Irrespective of the industry that a person is associated with the role of a sales person is very dynamic. The candidate being interviewed... Read More

If you win a crore in prize money on the television, what would you do with the money?

Question: If you win a crore in prize money on the television, what would you do with the money? Answer: I would repay my loans with about 5 lakhs. I would spend... Read More