Communication assistant interview questions are for those people who are sitting in an interview for this job. A communication assistant works under communication director and his job is to provide assistance in day-to-day work for media coverage, press conferences and other promotional activities. The communication assistant is responsible to reply media queries and to ensure a positive print and digital brand image of the organization. The interview question mainly focuses to judge the ability of candidate in above matter.

  1. Please tell us about your academic qualification for this post and previous experience in communication field?
  2. Do you have experience to prepare content for media promotions and for website updation of organization?
  3. What do you understand by social media and how you will ensure the maximum utilization of that tool for branding of the organization?
  4. Have you organized fundraising/resource gathering events and awareness raising events in your past jobs?
  5. What plans or strategies do you make to ensure the successful completion of such events?
  6. Are you aware of state laws regarding media promotion, branding and advertising? Explain few of their key features and importance for us?
  7. What kind of steps you would like to initiate to enhance the media visibility and credential of your organization among the public and stakeholders of organization?
  8. What media related activities or functions a communication assistant need to perform in his daily office chores?
  9. Can you give us some suggestions to improve out organization’s website to make it more informative and attractive for visitors?