Corporate compliance auditor trainer interview questions are those questions that are asked to a person who is sitting in an interview for this job. A corporate compliance auditor trainer is the key person who is responsible to conduct HR audit in company to ensure that company business is in compliance with fair labor standard act. That means the payroll system and bookkeeping procedure should match with labor laws. He can suggest corrective measures to the higher management authorities, incase if he find any misconduct/mismatch in company policies with state regulations.

  1. First, tell us about your academics and work experience in corporate compliance audit training field?
  2. Tell us about some important features of Fair Labor Standard Act?
  3. What kind of corrective measures do you usually suggest for keeping compliance with federal laws?
  4. Being a compliance trainer, what would be your training procedure/plans for various departments of company?
  5. What type of regulatory solutions/standard does you advice to the companies who are lacking at compliance with FLSA?
  6. Apart from federal laws, what other state and local legislations/regulations are necessary for corporate compliance?
  7. What has been your observation about employee’s knowledge/awareness regarding such laws?
  8. Are you well informed of payroll clerical procedures?
  9. What kind of irregularities do you often find in payroll process and company’s financial records?
  10. What kind of improvement measures or feedbacks do you used to provide the company for those irregularities?
  11. What is your salary expectation from the job?
  12. If selected, when can you join us?