The HR representative interview questions are designed for selecting an apt candidate for this post. The HR representative is responsible for hiring, interviewing and orientation programmes of employees. He also reviews the benefit and compensation plans to retain the employee with the organization. His task is to increase the productivity of company and entertain the various queries of employees regarding company employee programmes. The interview questions focus to analyze the interpersonal and other skills of prospective candidate.

  1. Please tell us about your pervious experience in HR field?
  2. What do you know about our company’s HR programme and policies?
  3. What strategy or key factors works behind a recruiting process? Moreover, how we can attract the best talent towards us?
  4. How you will make a good plan to increase the employee productivity and to motivate them for better performance?
  5. Do you have experience of resolving individual employee queries and problems regarding benefits and any other company polices? Explain with some past examples?
  6. Do you know about the functions of equal opportunity law and disability laws? Explain how we can implement them while taking care of company requirements?
  7. What could be the key aspects of orientation programme for entry-level employees?
  8. What kind of actions an HR representative can take if he receives any complaints of discriminations at workplace? How do you resolve such maters at company level?
  9. Describe some of those key factors that you give importance while interviewing a candidate for a mid level position?
  10. What is your salary expectation from this job profile?