HR supervisor interview questions are for those people who are going to appear in an interview for this post. The HR supervisor, supervises the practices of payroll system, benefit and compensation procedures and training programmes. It’s his duty to oversee that above functions are taking place as per the sate laws and regulations and for this purpose, he has to provide assistance to the HR department. He needs to overview the employee performance as well. The interview questions focus to analyze the ability of candidate in above context.

  1. Tell us about your job experience in HR supervision?
  2. What kind of legislations a company needs to follow regarding payroll and employee benefits?
  3. What kind of plans and progarmmes do you make to educate the employees regarding their payroll process and benefits?
  4. What is your knowledge regarding compulsory tax deductions from employee salary and benefits? Does employee make any complaints/queries in this matter?
  5. The training programme are necessary to enhance the productivity of company, how will you design them or overview them to make them employee friendly and in compliance with state laws?
  6. What are the clerical procedures regarding payroll record preparation and maintenance?
  7. Can you define the key tasks of HR supervisor in an organization and its actual position in HR department?
  8. How do you rate your interpersonal and communication skills?
  9. What kind of retirement and medi-claim plans and covers do you use to suggest to employees when they come to you for advisory services?
  10. If selected, how soon can you join us?