A loan consultant interview questions are asked to an interested individual, who is seeking to work as a loan consultant. With the help of this set of questions, a deserving contender can be hired easily by evaluating his education status, professional abilities and the overall knowledge.

Sample Loan Consultant Interview Questions:

  • Kindly tell us something about your previous job experience. Why do you want this job?
  • What are the key job duties of a loan consultant?
  • Discuss about your decision making skills and analytical abilities. How do you understand the exact loan requirement of the new client?
  • What do you think about your computing skills and financial knowledge?
  • Define the terms: mortgage, rate of interest and credit regulations? Explain the procedure of maintaining credit regulations.
  • How do you analyze the potential loan market? Explain the procedure of approval and processing a loan application?
  • What is your strategy to deal with the potential customers and to suggest the loan products?
  • Have you ever faced a situation when you suggested some product to a prospective customer and he felt unhappy with the interest percentage?
  • How frequently do you review a client’s account to figure out the changes and for updating the data?
  • According to you, what opportunity is the best time to promote certain loan products?
  • Tell us something about your current knowledge of credit analysis.
  • How do you analyze the financial condition of a client? What do you understand from open accounts and disbursing funds from a client’s account to creditor’s account?
  • What is a loan agreement? Mention the important terms of such a document.
  • How do you review billing accuracy?