Manpower development manager interview questions are for those people who want to appear in an interview for this job. Manpower development managers plan and conduct the knowledge and skills enhancement training programmes for the employees. He has to evaluate the performances of employees and also asses the impact of training sessions. Apart from that, it is his responsibility to prepare financial requirement inventory for such programmes. Therefore, these interview questions focus to judge the candidates skills and experience for this job profile.

  1. Tell us about your prior experience in the manpower development field?
  2. What do we mean by manpower development? Can you explain its important aspects?
  3. What kind of training sessions could be helpful to enhance the performance of senior level executives?
  4. Explain the different average budgetary requirement of manpower development training programmes for different company profile/size?
  5. What methods can be used to analyze the performance of employees? Moreover, what methods can we apply to judge the effectiveness of training programmes?
  6. What individual needs or requirement a manpower development manager should keep in mind while designing training programme?
  7. What type of training progarmmes you will design to increase the productivity of company?
  8. What type of outsider resources would you require to prepare training programmes?
  9. How can a manpower development manager help the employees in their career movements?
  10. Are there any latest methods or tactics, you have come across regarding manpower development training?
  11. While working on such programmes, what kind of company requirements and inputs/recommendations etc. do you often get?