Payroll and benefit coordinator questions are for those people who are going to sit in an interview of this job. A payroll and benefit coordinator works in large companies, where company hire separate official for different branches and regions. The job of payroll and benefit coordinator is to maintain the records of employee salary with the deductions of taxes. The person is also responsible to make sure that the payroll system should be in compliance with the state laws and company policies He needs to cooperate with regional finical manager and HR office for the regular updating of payroll and benefits.

  1. Please tell us about your last job profile where you have worked as payroll and benefit coordinator?
  2. How does the state legislation affect the payroll system in various regions and areas? How much it affects the company resources?
  3. Are you well versed to prepare financial statement for payroll system of a branch or a region?
  4. What are those major factors that create differences in salaries and benefits for different regions/branches in a same company?
  5. How can we coordinate or include all these different payroll system in one single payroll and benefit policy, so that it is easy for the senior administration of company to asses or evaluate them?
  6. If your company is going for a merger or an acquisition with another company than what changes do you need to bring in present payroll system? What formalities do you need to fulfill?
  7. What are the different taxation and revenue laws in different regions regarding corporate and employees?