Public relation assistant interview questions are for those who are sitting in an interview for this post. Public relation assistant’s main task is to make a positive brand imaging of the organization. For this purpose he needs to arrange advertisements, marketing promotional initiatives, media coverage and events etc. He has to prepare press release at the behalf of organization and participate in trade and commerce shows to increase the public presence of organization. Interview questions focus to judge the eligibility of candidate in above context.

  1. First, tell us about your experience in public relation field?
  2. In your opinion what would be those key factors to make a publicity project successful?
  3. What PR styles and tactics you have observed in recent times, that you think has changed the scenario a lot?
  4. Do you have experience to make press releases, advertisement contents and promotional brochures?
  5. If the organizational head and senior administration does not agree with your PR tactics and strategies than how you will convince them?
  6. Can you tell us some of your innovative and creative PR strategies that you applied in your previous projects? Moreover, how much they proved successful and beneficial for the organization?
  7. Define all the regular and periodical functions/responsibilities of a public relation assistant?
  8. What are the administrative duties of a public relation assistant in a large company?
  9. How you will handle the negative feedback or negative publicity about your organization?
  10. What are your salary expectations from this job profile?
  11. If selected, when can you join us?