Recruitment manager interview questions are for those candidates who are sitting in an interview for this post. The recruitment manager is mainly responsible to manage recruiting process of a company. He has to work extensively with recruiting agencies, travel to work fairs and college campuses to find prospective human resources for the company. He works with the HR department of company. These interview questions focus to analyze the capability of the candidate in above context.

  1. Please tell us about your qualifications and work experience in recruitment field?
  2. Define the key job aspects of a recruitment manager?
  3. What are the common practices or sources to recruits fresher?
  4. How will you design the recruiting process to fulfill the requirement of company within its budgetary limitations?
  5. What is your knowledge about state’s new and old employment legislations? How do they usually affect your strategy of recruiting?
  6. Tell us about your interpersonal skills? How you will rate your skills?
  7. What are staffing and selection methods? How you will use them to recruit senior officials for the company?
  8. What do you think about internet as a recruiting channel? How much it is effective and helpful to attract best talent?
  9. Can you make a checklist for the entry-level employees? Explain the key points of such list?
  10. What is your salary expectation from this job? What was your job designation in your last company?
  11. If you are selected, when can you join us? Is there any notice period in your last organization that you have to serve while resigning?