A test manager is a person who works in IT or software related companies to manage projects and test runs. A test manager technical interview is an interview procedure where an aspiring test manager has to answer technical or subject based questions.

The interview questions are framed in such a way that the technical knowledge or theoretical knowledge of the candidate can be assessed or evaluated so as to know whether he/she is suitable for the given job position or not. The following are a few of the test manager technical interview questions for your reference.

Sample Test Manager Technical Interview Questions:

  • Explain to us what a dependency test is?
  • Please define and explain in brief about a compatibility test.
  • What is CMM and describe what a cause effect graph is?
  • What are the 5 most common problems faced in a software development process or procedure?
  • Give solutions to these 5 common problems.
  • What are the steps following which one can run and develop software tests?
  • What is the best tester to developer ratio?
  • What would you do in a situation where software has so many bugs that it can’t be tested?
  • When would you know that it is time to stop testing?
  • How would you test World Wide Web based sited?
  • Explain the various differences between white box and black box testing processes.
  • What are the tables in test cases as well as in test plans?
  • What is the reason due to which software have bugs in them?
  • What is CMM?
  • What is CAST?
  • What is debugging?
  • Explain the differences between validation and verification.
  • Explain the differences between usability testing and workflow testing.
  • Explain the differences between stress and load testing.
  • What makes a good test manager?